How to Become a Member at Cascade

Christians are to work within their church for the cause of the gospel. Church members are, in a sense, leaders and servants of the church who serve according to their abilities in accordance with Jesus’ command to love God and their neighbors. They must be trained and released to use their gifts in various ways so that they are leading the church, behind the pastors and elders.

Here’s how to become a member of Cascade Church:

1. Connect

  • Attend Sunday service
  • Participate in a community group
  • Volunteer with a ministry team

2. Class

Take the Membership Class, which explains who we are, what we believe, and how we operate as a church, and provides an opportunity to get to know Cascade pastors and leaders. In this course you will also have the opportunity to discover more about your natural talents and spiritual gifting.

3. Christian

Members must confess faith in Jesus Christ as God and Savior (and get baptized if they have not previously done so as a professing Christian).

4. Covenant

Affirm Cascade's Church beliefs by signing and living out the expectations of members:

  • Connect. Live life with other members of the family by remaining an active part of a community group, attending events, retreats, or classes.
  • Serve. Use your gifts, talents, skills, and time to serve the church and participate in Jesus’ mission in a ministry, on mission trip, or by volunteering in the community.
  • Give. Members are asked to allow Jesus to have full control over their lives along with their finances. This allows Cascade to operate on a weekly basis and allows us as the church to generously give to make an impact in the world.  This includes sacrificially giving, growing in your giving, and starting with the Biblical model of tithing 10% to Cascade.
  • Grow. Actively participate in continual learning and development via classes, Sunday School, or outside learning.

5. Conversation

Meet with a leader for the final membership interview.

For more information please contact us.
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Online Giving

We now offer convenient giving online.

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